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About Dog Toys Advisor

Hello! We are Mike and Sandy and we’re the proud humans of three lovely dogs (and some pretty bossy cats).

In good blended-family fashion, we met and joined lives and pets and now have a household filled with joy and chaos. That’s okay, we love it, totally works! (sometimes).

When we need a rest from them, we go to a local pet shelter and help out. We get to play and cuddle with the shelter dogs, hopefully making them feel less lonely while they wait for their forever family.

Our mission

Having two energetic pups and one very demanding dog is hard. Living with them in an apartment is ever harder.

We are constantly looking for ways to keep them active without getting out of control.

The right toys are a huge part of our strategy to keep our dogs happy. We need toys to soothe them and we need toys to make them burn energy. We need something that will distract them and something that we can use to get their attention when needed be.

Also, the shelter dogs help give us a different insight from the one we get with our dogs at home.

So yes, it’s pretty fair to say we spend A LOT of time researching and testing new toys and by now we pretty much know what works for us. And what can work for you too!

So, if you’re at all interested in unbiased, free, voluntary reviews of the newest dog toys, you’ve come to the right place! Check our reviews out and let us know if you agree/disagree or just need to know more.

Thank you for taking the time to read what we write, we hope you love it!

Our official dog toy testers

Tommy, the destroyer

Tommy is a Jack Russell mix. He’s about four years old.

He is obsessed with balls, particularly tennis balls and will chase them for as many hours as you’re willing to throw them or until he passes out (not that he ever did, we usually stop before that).

He also loves to chew, so much so his canines are now a bit flatter than they’re supposed to be. He doesn’t mind it though, he just keeps on chewing.

But sometimes, he gets confused and ends up chewing other things as well, such as pillows, blankets, socks, pet beds and anything fluffy really. Hence his nickname.

Coco, the delightful

She is, she really is! She is also a Jack Russell mix, about three years old and she is simply the happiest dog alive!

We’ve never seen her sad or downcast, she is always content, always cheerful and it’s almost like she carries little sunshine beams with her, she just spreads the joy!

Coco also loves balls, but tennis balls are a little too subtle for her. She likes the big balls, basketballs, footballs, you name it. She’s that dog that steals your ball when you’re playing at the beach and just runs away with it and never comes back.

She also loves chewing but in a much more demure fashion than Tommy, so her teeth are still pretty and intact.

She’s girly and she loves it!

Dobby, the sourpuss

Dobby is a six year-old Portuguese podengo mix who kind of thinks his a cat.

Do you know the character? Sad-eyed, big-eared Dobby from Harry Potter? That pretty much sums him up, except he is a bit chubbier than the house elf. But just as cute, really… And he knows it, of you’re visiting, fully expect sad miserable eyes at mealtime peaking under the table.

He has no idea how to play with most toys. They either scare or bore him, he’ll chew on some, if he must, but not for long. His favorites are probably tree branches. Those he loves and fetches, when he sees where they land, because he is also a bit of a Mr. Magoo.

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